Getting Fit with Functionality: Why I Love F45 Training

Part of my job as a model is to be physically fit at all times. We shoot next seasons’ bikini lines during Thanksgiving and Christmas the year before, and so on- we never have an “off-season.” This means that while luckily I enjoy working out, I still have to find creative ways to mix up my fitness regimen to keep it interesting and also to avoid plateauing. I found F45 back in April, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What is F45? F45 stands for Functional + 45 minutes. The workouts are a mix of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and strength training with weights, with an emphasis placed on form and functionality throughout the movement. Classes are led by F45 certified trainers, and video screens at the front of the studio make it easy for students to follow and keep up with which exercises are performed at which stations, and to follow the countdown.

What’s my favorite part about F45? Every single workout is different! F45 has a database of over 3,000 exercises, so you will NEVER get the same workout twice. The exercises constantly change and the timed intervals change dependent upon which systemized workout is done that day. Before starting F45, I felt myself kind of plateau and I started to suffer from gym burnout. I was all out of ideas to keep pushing myself at the gym, and I got to the point where I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to working out. Since my job demands I am physically fit at all times, I knew I had to make a change to make my workouts more interesting and successful. With F45, I don’t have a choice- I am pushed to my limit each class, and I don’t have to worry about timing myself, keeping my routines interesting, all while trying to reach my fitness goals.

Do you like the cardio or strength training classes more? The F45 cardio classes kick my booty and I absolutely love it! I sweat like nobody’s business in them and I never have to worry about stopping prematurely just because I’m bored (which used to be a problem of mine when doing my own workouts). I do also love the strength training classes because they force me to use weights, and I continue to challenge myself and go up in the amount of weight I use each month. However, if you’re not one for weights, don’t fret! The strength training classes allow you to modify your workouts based on how heavy or light you would like to lift. The F45 trainers pre-set each station with extremely light to extremely heavy weights, so you always have options and are free to switch it up throughout the workout.

Where can I find an F45? Originating in Australia, F45 has become one of the fastest growing fitness networks throughout the entire world. While I workout mainly at the San Diego Downtown location, and at the Summerlin Las Vegas location when visiting home, you can find a location near you here.

Email me at if you would like to come take a class with me at the SD downtown location!

All photos: Katy Lewis Photography, @katyelewis

Be sure to follow along for sneak peek videos of the workouts:



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