What’s In My Gym Bag: My Workout Essentials

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While I am not a fitness professional, I do have a serious obsession with working out! My modeling career demands that I stay physically fit at all times, but luckily I actually look forward to breaking a sweat (most days). I have come to take what’s in my gym bag more seriously than what’s in my purse- not kidding. From my favorite yoga mat to post-workout beauty elixirs, here is what’s in my gym bag.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, $18.99amino energy preworkout

Before finding this supplement, pre-workout scared me. I had only tried some here and there from friends, and had symptoms of shakiness and nausea. This supplement, with 1 g of carbohydrates, 5 g of amino blend, and 160 mg of energy blend (green tea, green coffee extract (bean), and caffeine), is the perfect blend for me when I need a kick in the butt!

S’well Bottle, 17 oz for $35

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This is the ultimate hot yoga water bottle! Most people know about S’well by now, but it remains my favorite to keep my water ice cold during hot pilates classes, and is easily transportable with the twist-on cap.

Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat, $68

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Best investment I’ve ever made! The 5 mm thickness provides cushioning for the joints during floor poses. The material (polyurethane) absorbs moisture, making it even grippier the more you sweat.

Beats Earphones, $119.95


Wireless earphones are a must for me, especially if I am doing plyometrics or running. They stay out of my way, and are easy to sync and charge.

Basic Towels from Target, set of 2 for $2.99


gym towel

Don’t fret if your gym doesn’t provide towel service- just stock up on a few sets of these babies! They’re soft, lightweight, and made up of a cotton-blend terry cloth. I suggest washing first to get all of the stray fuzzies off!

Sweet Sweat Stick, 6.4 oz for $24.95

sweet sweat stick

When I am kicking it up a notch for a bikini or fitness shoot, I like to apply this stuff on the areas I really want to give an extra oomph (abs, arms, thighs). The product creates a thermogenic effect on the applied areas.

According to Sweet Sweat, “thermogenic action is the process of generating energy in the body. Through physical activities, your body releases heat by utilizing stored calories. To burn more calories during a workout, the body must sustain enough thermogenic action without overheating the muscles.”

Lacrosse Ball, $6.51

lacrosse ball

I struggle with super tight glutes, which creeps up to my lower back and ultimately creates a lot of tension and sometimes pain. I use this lacrosse ball to loosen up my muscles before a workout by standing against the wall, and sliding the ball up, down, and around my lower back and glutes.

Fit Simplify Resistance Exercise Bands, Set of 5 for $10.95

Resistance bands

I always keep these in my bag for when I’m feeling creative at the gym! With varying resistance levels, these bands are challenging yet comfortable to use and are easy to incorporate if you want to switch things up.

Andalou Naturals Facial Wipes with Rose Stem Cells, $8.56

andalou natural face wipes

With my hyper sensitive skin, I have to be SO careful with makeup wipes! These are the most calming, yet effective wipes I have tried, so I’ve stuck with them. Even after getting super sweaty at the gym, these wipes never burn or irritate my skin. It makes it feel even better than it did before! The packaging is also high-quality, so don’t worry about them drying out like most of the other wipes out there.

SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, mini for $3.99

micellar water

Some people may think I’m nuts, but I personally am not really sure what’s in those “sanitizer” bottles on the wall at the gym. I don’t trust it- I like to clean the equipment myself, so I bring along this mini micellar bottle to drip onto a paper towel, and wipe down the sweaty equipment before I use it!

Lush Rose Toner with Lavender, $10.95

Lush toner

My favorite toner from Lush! I am a huge Lush fanatic- my sensitive skin loves their products. I like to spritz this on my face and chest after using the Andalou Naturals wipes as mentioned above. It’s a nice refresher if I have to run some errands right after the gym before heading home.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, mini for $2.97

mini dry shampoo

Because who really washes their hair after every workout? 😉

Hope you enjoyed this list- let me know if you try any of these products out!

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