Summer Beauty Essentials: A Model’s Seaside Survival Kit

Take a peek at my favorite summer beauty essentials and must-haves! From aloe-based toners and a sea kelp hair hydration spritz to a DIY eyelash treatment, I’ve got you covered on all the ways to beautify this summer!

Summer Beauty Essentials

Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel, $18Mario Badescu Eye GelI recently bought this eye gel and was skeptical that it would be too greasy. WRONG. This ceramide eye gel is everything that an under-eye treatment should be and more. I keep mine in the fridge, as I like to use it as a rejuvenating de-puffer in the morning. And if you’re like me, you’ll be hitting the beach au naturel this summer, so don’t leave the house without a lightweight coat of this gel to give you a nice lift!


OGX Quenching + Sea Mineral Moisture Replenisher, $7.99

OGX Moisture ReplenisherAlgae extracts and glycerin work together to condition dry hair and prevent breakage/ split ends with this steal of a deal! The by-the-sea spritz is loaded with kelp and minerals that revive your brittle, tired hair and replace it with super soft and shiny beach waves.


Skin Laundry’s Clarifying Toner, $25Skin Laundry TonerI had my first experience at Skin Laundry last week, and let me tell you- it was nothing short of a treat! I had the IPL Laser and Light Facial treatment, which ended with a toner and sunscreen application. When I noticed my super sensitive skin didn’t burn at all after the toner was applied, I knew I had to purchase one to bring home with me! Their clarifying toner is aloe-based rather than alcohol-based, and is extremely gentle and soothing for the skin (unlike almost every other toner I have tried in the past). With the aloe, willow bark extract, and other minimal and simple ingredients, this daily toner is perfect to use after a sundrenched summer day at the pool or beach to rid all residue (sunscreen, sweat, and sand).


Lush Cosmetics’ Mask of Magnaminty, $13.95

Lush Cosmetics Mask

Everyone loves a good green facial mask! This self-preserving peppermint mask is a cooling remedy that stimulates and treats the skin with marigold oil and chlorophyllin. After 15 minutes, scrub off with warm water and end the treatment with a minty exfoliation thanks to the product’s primrose and aduki seeds! If you’ll be traveling a lot this summer like me, ask for a little sample jar when you purchase the mask in-stores so it makes it easier to pack a small amount and bring along for your trips.


Devonne by Demi’s Hydrating Radiance Mist, $17.95

Devonne by Demi SkincareThis “whenever refresher” is a beach bag necessity. The radiance mist’s apple extract aids in hydration, while the reishi mushroom extract helps bring clear skin to the surface. It’s also filled with licorice root extract, lavender, and seaweed extract- #mermaidvibes! Safe to spritz on at the beach, your sunkissed skin will thank you for being so “cool for the summer.”


Nivea’s Skin Firming & Toning Gel-Cream Q10 Plus, $12.59

Nivea Skin Firming and ToningDaisy duke and bikini season is in full force, so I like to pamper myself just a little bit extra this time of year! Paired with consistent exercise and a healthy diet, this gel-cream truly works almost immediately in terms of tightening and firming the appearance of skin. I like to rub the gel in a circular motion on the back of my legs, butt, and if I have extra on my palms, I’ll apply it to my stomach as well. Here’s to smooth, sexy, and supple bikini booties!


Jergens’ BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, $9.99

Jergens BB Body CreamGet the glow you deserve with this all-over BB body cream. Blurring imperfections while providing hydration for your skin, this cream is the ultimate go-to for days you’re going to be spending in your bikini. My bottle has SPF 15 in it, so keep an eye out for bottles labeled with that extra perk! I love that it has the added benefit of not only keeping my skin looking good, but also feeling good and staying safe.


Coola’s Sport SPF 30 Liplux, $12

Coola Sunscreen I’m a huge fan of Coola ever since I tried some of their mango sunscreen at the Natural Products Expo this past year. Their fresh and antioxidant-rich ingredients feel light and smooth on the skin, whether you’re applying the sun protectant to your face or your lips! Avocado and raspberry work to hydrate your luscious lips while also keeping them safe from the sun’s rays with their original liplux formula.


Cold- Pressed Castor Oil, $5.99

Castor oil beauty tricks Castor is soooo the next coconut! This anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich oil has several benefits, but I use it specifically for eyelash and eyebrow growth/ thickening! It’s high in omega-6 fatty acids, which provides hydration to the lashes and thus, prevents breakage. To use: Wash face and dry. Right before bed, dip a spoolie brush into castor oil and tap off any excess drippage before applying to lashes and brows. For an extra oomph, add some aloe vera gel on top. The aloe vera is said to aid specifically in the lengthening process.


What are some of your fave summer beauty essentials?! Let me know in a comment!

Happy Monday! X


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