Spring Cleaning 2.0: Why You May Actually Enjoy It This Time

Spring Cleaning

Happy Friday lovebugs!! I have been SO busy since my last post, hence the posting lag time in between then and now. I know you guys probably don’t care much, but I do (*emoji of girl with hand raised*)! I missed posting, but my mind has just not been in a clear mental state and to be honest, I have not had the time. I’ve been spring cleaning…

I’ve spent the week moving into a new room, which was so much more work than I anticipated. Thank goodness my mama came up to LA to help me! My roomie and I decided to mix it up and switch bedrooms in our apartment since we just renewed our lease, so the past week has been filled with hours upon hours of decluttering, organizing, cleaning, sorting, hanging, nailing, lifting. BUT, it was so worth it- we both love our new rooms!

Why am I telling you this? Probably because that’s literally all I’ve done for the past 5 days (besides a fun, adorable swimsuit shoot that I will be posting BTS pics of next week), but also because moving forced me to be reminded of all that I have- not the tangibles, but the intangibles.

Spring cleaning

It’s the old pictures that I have a hard time getting rid of while spring cleaning, not the overpriced blouses or designer jeans. It’s the sentimental handwritten letters from loved ones, the jewelry with a meaning behind it… The “little things” mean the most to me. While I love to dress up, go to trendy restaurants, continually look for more decor to deck out my living spaces, it can be easy to unknowingly fill my life with “things.” This week has forced me to be reminded that all of that stuff is so insignificant compared to the real blessings that fill my life- my family, my health, my incredible boyfriend, my best friends who are like family, and my modeling career that I am busier than ever with right now.

I’m not saying that I take any of that for granted… EVER. I’m just saying it felt good to declutter material belongings from my life because it makes more room for the important things. It made me realize that everyone in my life right now is irreplaceable. They are all in my life because they help make me “me” and they bring me love, happiness, joy, and motivation. Sure, a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s makes me stoked on life, but not nearly as truly happy as spending time with those who matter. I wouldn’t be where I am without the endless support of my parents, the witty humor of my brother in all too serious situations, the companionship of my boyfriend, and the guidance of God.

Whether you’re cleaning out your closets this season or not, I encourage ALL of you to do some “spring cleaning” in your own way. Reflect on what you really need to hold onto in life, and don’t ever let that go! Then, let everything else go. No matter how much emphasis this world places on money, clothes, “stuff,” I challenge you to think about what is most important to you and focus on that. I hope all of you find that it’s the box of old family photos you can’t live without over the romper that’s been sitting in the back of your closet for 3 years.

spring cleaning

spring cleaning

Spring Fashion

Dress: Alice + Olivia, exact style sold out (I got it last year), but new style, same color here. Keep a lookout for this dress on The Bachelor’s Women Tell All this Monday!! Tehehe.

Sunnies: Nordstrom BP

Necklace: Forever 21, sold out, similar here

Bangles: Gilbert Ortega

Sandals: Annika Gladiator sandal (sold out), but more cute Crown Vintage shoes here


P.S. Just so we are clear, I’m clearly all about a good outfit, just be sure to let it enhance who you are rather than define. Surround yourself with those who make you happy, and a genuine smile will be the best accessory you can wear.

Have a rad weekend lovers! xx


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