Gifts for Guys and Gals: My Top Holiday Picks That Won’t Break the Bank

I know you love your friends and family- I do too, but not enough to go broke from buying them Christmas presents. No matter what holiday you celebrate, we can all agree that December is the month of giving, giving, giving. Company holiday party? You’re instructed to bring a white elephant gift. Family Secret Santa? Gotta go get something that fits your 6’9″ brother’s ever-changing taste in shirts. Your roommate and best friends PLUS your boyfriend’s roommate and best friends? Yes, a gift for all or else you’re a terrible person.

Since I try to be as financially savvy as possible, I’ve put together a list of my top presents of the holiday season so you can show your pals just how much you love them without having to dip into your savings.

Dot Monogram Flameless Candles

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“Why Do You Blog Anyway?”

Guess jeans, forever 21 boots, Nordstrom scarf

I get it- blogs can seem selfish. They can seem egotistical, even. I actually thought they were obnoxious until I created my own. Before starting my own, I was skeptical of reading blogs (besides Lauren Conrad’s because, well, she’s Lauren Conrad). I would think to myself “Ok, why should I trust what this blogger is saying when I don’t even know anything about her besides that she has 70k Instagram followers? That’s shallow and stupid.”

I get what you may think when us bloggers post about our beauty tips, trend reports, and fitness regimens. So, I wanted to write this post and explain why I personally blog. I do not speak for any blogger but myself, so keep in mind these are my personal joys that blogging brings me and I think you may be surprised! Here is why I love blogging:

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Birthday Bliss

Forever 21 wine dress, gray Nordstrom hat, brown Steve Madden heels

Birthdays naturally bring heaps of emotions- happiness, fear, gratitude, excitement, anxiety, love, embarrassment (anyone else hate when the servers sing to you at dinner?? ugh). They have also gradually become a designated day of the year where I sort of check in with myself and do some major self-reflection. Since today marks the beginning of my birthday week (woohoo email me for present requests! jk), I have already found myself naturally pondering…

How far have I come in the past year? Am I succeeding? Am I in the right career? Have I achieved the goals I set on my last birthday? Do I surround myself with the right people?

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