We’re Engaged! Living on Cloud 9 with my New Fiancé

October 20, 2017 was the most surprising, exciting day of my life- Michael asked me to marry him! After 5 years of knowing he was “the one,” mentally preparing myself for the day we get engaged, and envisioning what he may do to propose, I will wholeheartedly tell you he surpassed everything I ever imagined.

On the day of the proposal, I got done with a work photoshoot in La Jolla an hour and a half late, and rushed home to try and fix my slicked down bunhead and add to my “no-makeup makeup” look to get a bit more glammed for the night. Michael told me we were joining his brother, Stephen, and his wife for dinner. When Michael came to pick me up, Stephen called him a few minutes later and asked if we wanted to meet him and Kathleen down on the bay for the sunset. I obliged, so Michael and I headed down there and started walking towards the bridge on the boardwalk.

Michael seemed a bit nervous all of the sudden, and I even caught him fixing his hair! No Stephen or Kathleen in sight. As we turned the corner arm in arm, I looked out to the water, and saw a massive heart made of roses and mason jar candles surrounding a photo on the sand. I knew right away- this was the moment I had dreamed of since meeting Michael! I started bawling, he walked me to the heart, and he got down on one knee. It sounds picture-perfect because it was. The most surreal, loving, thrilling moment I have ever experienced! The proposal was the ultimate manifestation of Michael’s romantic, comforting, and genuine nature. Click below to watch it!

Watch our bayfront proposal here!

One of the things I have loved about Michael since the beginning is how much he loves his family. With us both being so incredibly close with our families, he knew he wanted to have them there to surprise me after our proposal. We are both from outside of San Diego (him, Tucson; me, Las Vegas) so, everyone that could, traveled in to celebrate with us! My grandparents even came all the way from Arkansas! We had a loud, celebratory, cocktail-filled dinner at one of our fave date spots, C Level. My parents hosted a brunch over at my apartment the next morning, and we all spent the rest of the weekend together of what were truly the most exciting days I have ever experienced. I still cannot believe no one in the family blew the surprise since the proposal had been planned in July!

Paradise Point Resort and Spa

With both of our families in town, Michael planned for all of them to stay at our apartments, while he booked us a villa at Paradise Point (3 minutes away, so still close enough to do activities with our families) for the entire weekend. We celebrated with champagne, firepits, and beachfront jacuzzis- it was beyond perfection!

Michael, thank you for being my best friend, my love, and my #1 fan. Your support of my dreams is what pushes me to never give up on accomplishing all of the crazy things I have done and have yet to do. You are the textbook definition of a gentleman, and the epitome of the man I hoped I would find one day. I love you with all of me, and I am OVER THE MOON excited to become your wife!!!

We are enjoying the newly engaged period, and have been overwhelmed by all of our insanely supportive friends and family’s congratulatory letters, calls, gifts, and emails. I swear I have not stopped smiling for one second since he became my fiancé.

We recently set a wedding date of May 18, 2019 in San Diego, CA! Stay tuned for details on our venues and all of the fun stuff that comes along with planning a WEDDING!!!!! Imma be a D’Arrigo!

Proposal Video and Photos by Mike Rizzo

Ring custom made by Dan Golceker at Morgan Taylor Jewelers



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