My Day at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City!

kleinfeld experience

YOBO… You Only Bride Once. So naturally, I booked an appointment online for some dress shopping… at Kleinfeld. My mom and I had just booked flights for an NYC trip and I wasn’t going to not go to Kleinfeld while we were there. I had been watching TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress since I was in middle school, and I was taking full advantage of the fact that it was finally my chance to go shop and see it all in person! Read all about my experience to see if it really is as fun as it seems on the show.

First myth I debunked about Kleinfeld: “It costs money to make an appointment.” False. It is free to book an appointment, and while dates book up fast, I would suggest booking a few weeks to a few months in advance. I booked over a month prior, and because there were trunk shows happening throughout April, it booked up even faster than normal. Book ASAP! Weekday appointments are two hours, and weekend appointments are an hour and a half.

Fast forward to Saturday, April 14, I walked through the tall, glass doors, passing the cherry blossom decor and entering a large waiting room with my mama. Brides, moms, aunts, grandmas, bridesmaids, and in-laws filled the room and the excitement was so freaking fun to witness. All of these brides came from across the country to visit Kleinfeld, and the thrill of it all got me even more excited! There was already so much laughing, crying, smiling, and hugging going on everywhere and it was only 9 AM!

I checked in at the front desk, and the concierge informed me my consultant would come out to grab me to start shopping in a few minutes. To my excitement and surprise, my consultant was the fabulous LISA!!!! For those who don’t watch the show, she is one of the premier bridal consultants and I was hoping she would be just as amazing as she was on TV… and she was BEYOND!

Lisa walked my mom and I back to her dressing room to chat dresses and budget. After showing her my Pinterest board of dress inspo, photos of my venues, and describing my dream gown, Lisa took the two of us around to the racks within my budget, and had me pull gowns I wanted to try on.

Myth #2 debunked: “The consultants don’t let the brides pick their own dresses to try on.” Yes they do! I was the one who physically pulled the designs I wanted to try, and with her help, we swiftly navigated through the showroom and chose about 8-10 dresses.

kleinfeld experience

It was time to try on some dresses! My mom was seated out on a sofa at our pedestal, while I slipped into my Kleinfeld robe in the dressing room. Lisa helped me try on my first dress, and from there, it was like clockwork!

Once I had more of a feel for what I loved and didn’t love, Lisa was able to eliminate a couple of the dresses I had picked out that I was no longer interested in trying on. She was the perfect consultant for me- honest, to the point, efficient, and understanding, on top of being the most fun consultant in the showroom. 🙂

kleinfeld experience

kleinfeld experience

Any dress I tried on that I wanted my mom to see, I walked out in to my pedestal. This allowed me to see the gowns with the full view, front, back, profile, etc.

While 6 out of the 8 dresses I tried on were exclusive Kleinfeld designer Pnina Tornai, we couldn’t take any photos of them as it was the first day on the floor and her new collection hadn’t officially been released yet 🙁 BUT perhaps even cooler: I got the chance to meet Pnina in person!

She came to introduce herself while I was in a stunning mermaid silhouette of hers, and we talked wedding details, fiancé details, and of course, dress details. This was a fun moment for me- As a model in my work world, I am used to meeting and working with designers. Real life non-model Paige got to meet the designer behind the beautiful Israeli, next season’s preview gown she had on at Kleinfeld… and that was truly such a surreal moment.

kleinfeld experience

Ultimately, I fell in love with a dress, but it wasn’t “The One.”

While I didn’t “Say Yes to the Dress” at Kleinfeld, this was one of my favorite mornings I have ever had. The fact that I got to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity with my mom is honestly more than I could ever ask for as a bride.  It was incredible to share this day with her that I will never forget. I am SO happy we went, and I couldn’t have had a more pleasant, fun, and adrenaline-filled day at Kleinfeld!!!!

My Kleinfeld experience was even more fun than it looks on the show. The support I received from and bond I shared with the other brides shopping for their big day was pretty indescribable and made the experience that much more special. We would all be running to and from our dressing rooms, passing one another and saying “WOW! That one looks stunning on you!” and “OMG! Is that THE ONE?!”

kleinfeld experience

To all my current and future brides, go to Kleinfeld! The experience alone is beyond worth it.


PS: Can’t wait to share “The One” with y’all!!!




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