How To Get Your Beauty Sleep: 8 Overnight Beauty Tricks

If you’re anything like me, you love multitasking as much as possible. Why not make the most out of your sleep by using the time to recharge and beautify?? I put together a list of overnight products that will actually make you wake up prettier, so this time you really won’t need a filter for your #wokeuplikethis snap. Here are my secrets spilled for your best beauty sleep.

beauty sleep tips

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask$26

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask Beauty Sleep

Smooth a layer evenly across clean skin right before bed, and wake up ready to tackle the day with a smooth, supple, and refreshed complexion. Enriched with avocado and apricot kernel oils, this mask is the ultimate hydrating overnight fixer-upper.


PCA Intensive Clarity Treatment, 0.5% retinol night, $55 on AmazonPCA Intensive Clarity Retinol Beauty Sleep

If you choose to opt out of the said overnight mask, don’t fret because retinol’s Vitamin A is just as beneficial, if not more. Designed specifically to prevent breakouts by increasing cell turnover, this retinol improved the texture and discoloration of my skin in literally ONE NIGHT. “I can always tell when a woman uses [retinol]. She’ll have that dewy, fresh-faced look- like she just had a facial,” says Emmy Graber, MD, a dermatologist and assistant professor of dermatology at the Boston University School of Medicine.


CO Bigelow’s “My Favorite Night Balm,” $7.50

My Favorite Night Balm Beauty Sleep

Curated to aid in repairing your lips for an entire 8-hour span, this shea butter-rich balm does the work for you while you rest. When I use this before bed, my lips feel luscious, full, and hydrated the entire next day. Give your lips some love because no one likes looking at a flaky, chapped mouth (especially me)! 😉


CHI Silk Infusion$25.50

Chi SIlk Infusion Beauty Sleep

I’ve been using this product for roughly 4 years and I apply it every night! Not only does this serum double as thermal protection against styling tools, but it also makes your hair stronger with its wheat and soy proteins. Treat the product as a leave-in conditioner you can apply on dry or wet hair, focusing mainly on your ends. Get ready to feel silky and look sleek no matter what time you have to wake up.


Aura Cacia Chill Pill Essential Oil$8.79

Aura Cacia Chill Pill Essential Oil Beauty Sleep

Lavender (my all-time favorite scent) teams up with patchouli and chamomile to calm the mind and body after a long day. I dab a little bit on my wrist and chest before hitting the hay, and lemme tell you- there’s nothing better than falling asleep to this soothing scent, also infused with orange, basil, and peppermint.


Lush Cosmetics, Love and Light Hand Cream, $19.95

Lush Cosmetics Love and Light Hand Cream Beauty Sleep

My friend Sarah got me this organic cocoa butter and orange blossom hand cream for my birthday, and every time I use it, I get sad because it means I’m another step closer to an empty jar! I am seriously obsessed and impressed with how this lotion can be so light but so creamy at the same time. Wave hello to your newest addiction!


Kitsch, Mauve Mix Hair Ties, $9Kitsch Elastic Hair Ties Beauty SleepBy sleeping with your hair (loosely) up, you’re preventing your hair’s natural oils from rubbing off on your face, leaving less room for possible breakouts. Jesleen Ahluwalia, MD, a physician from NYC’s Spring Street Dermatology, recommends wearing it in a high, loose pony overnight. These elastic bands are perfect because they’re not only adorable, but thin and forgiving enough to protect your precious locks!


HoMedics Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier$19.99

Homedics Mini Humidifer Beauty Sleep

Fight against dry skin and win with this cutesy little personal humidifier. Not only does this machine help create a soft, lustrous glow, but it also combats allergies, sinus, congestion, and colds.


Do you use any of these products? If not, what are your overnight beauty secrets??


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