Gifts for Guys and Gals: My Top Holiday Picks That Won’t Break the Bank

I know you love your friends and family- I do too, but not enough to go broke from buying them Christmas presents. No matter what holiday you celebrate, we can all agree that December is the month of giving, giving, giving. Company holiday party? You’re instructed to bring a white elephant gift. Family Secret Santa? Gotta go get something that fits your 6’9″ brother’s ever-changing taste in shirts. Your roommate and best friends PLUS your boyfriend’s roommate and best friends? Yes, a gift for all or else you’re a terrible person.

Since I try to be as financially savvy as possible, I’ve put together a list of my top presents of the holiday season so you can show your pals just how much you love them without having to dip into your savings.

Dot Monogram Flameless Candles


LUSHLush Cosmetics Cinders Bath BombCurl up with this fireside-inspired bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics. Infused with stimulating cinnamon leaf oil and vegan popping crackle candy, Cinders will warm up any friend’s spa night. Pair bath bomb with an equally cutesy decorative soap, such as Yog Nog, to really get your friend in the holiday spirit! Cinders Bath Bomb, $4.95/ Yog Nog Soap, $6.95. 



This book is the power tool legitimately every single woman needs. #GIRLBOSS‘s blunt truths and empowering mantras encourage, challenge, and motivate the woman who dreams of building her own empire. I’ve read it, reread it, scribbled notes in it, and taken it in the car when I have important meetings. Be your girlfriend’s biggest cheerleader and gift her with Sophia Amoruso’s wise and inspiring words. $16.49


Dot Monogram Flameless Candle

A contemporary and glamorous flair on a classic gift. Complete with an adjustable timer and a natural flicker, these dot flameless monogram candles send the perfectly personable message. $22

SEPHORAFresh sugar lip polishThis is a staple from Fresh for a reason! The sugar lip polish is a perfect winter treat. It’s composed of brown sugar crystals that gently buff away those pesky dry flakes, as well as jojoba seed and grapeseed oils. Its shea butter conditioning formula results in a smooth finish, hydrated pout, and gorgeously content smile from your gal pal. $22.50


I'm Outta Here Ban.Do Passport Holder

Quite frankly, everything is pure gold, but this passport holder is just extra necessary. My stud of a boyfriend got me this for my birthday a couple weeks ago (paired with a Vinturi wine aerator-yeah, I know, I’m keeping him). This gift will help your bestie look like the uber chic jet-setter that she is. $24



Beer Soap

Use it as a stocking stuffer for the BF or the main gift for your BFF. This Damn Handsome Beer Shampoo and Body Bar is packed with malt, barley, and organic hops. Cedarwood- scented and invigorating, this beer soap is exactly what the dude wants to use to lather, rinse, and repeat. $12

ART OF SHAVINGPeppermint Shaving Cream

The Art of Shaving’s seasonal masterpiece, Peppermint Shaving Cream, is sure to switch up your pal’s mundane shaving routine. Help him get excited to shave with this exhilarating foaming cream that hydrates the skin and provides a smooth razor glide. $25


Fuelshaker Pro

What gym buff wouldn’t want this new Fuelshaker Pro? Make it easy for your guy to bro out at the gym in a good way. After launching and successfully gaining funding on Kickstarter, this innovative product is now available to preorder and will start shipping before the new year. $26.99

HAPPY SOCKSHappy SocksIf I’ve learned one thing about men it’s that they’re picky about their underwear. Help him out and get him this set of polka dot boxers with their counter-parted paisley socks. Cozy and trendy, and it will make dressing up for work a bit more fun for him! $32


DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Ok ok ok- if I’ve learned one more thing about men, it’s that they’re even pickier about their hot sauce than their underwear. Order him this DIY Hot Sauce Kit to make him sweat in a good way and to shut him up about how Sriracha isn’t hot enough. $34.95



xx, Paige

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