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eShakti Product Review

I want to start this post off by telling you guys why I actually collaborated with eShakti for a product review- yes, they have a huge range of some adorable pieces, but I was truly drawn to the company because of the message and morals they represent. Their “About Us” section on their site states:

“It is not enough that clothes look good on the mannequin. They need to look good on you. You need them to be to your size and have the neckline, sleeve or length that work for you. That is our philosophy. So we give you those options and also make them to your height. At, you can of course also buy clothes as shown, and in standard sizes 0-36W, or you can have them to your specific customised size with your choice of neckline, sleeve or length. Your choice. Whether standard or custom it is easy to order.

Think of it as liberation from the size-tag. It is about empowerment. (Shakti in Sanskrit means ‘power’.)”

What a powerful statement. I have chosen to pursue a modeling career well aware of the stigmas and negative opinions that surround the industry. However, I have looked at these stigmas as opportunities to prove people wrong and show that there is room for change and a need for alternatives in the industry- the more positivity that can be spread in the fashion world, the better. eShakti is one of the fashion companies working towards progress, acceptance, and self love for women of all shapes and sizes, so when the media relations department reached out to me, of course I told them I would be a part of the movement!

eShakti Boho Dress

eShakti Dress Product Review

eShakti Blogger

I chose a floral high-low dress with a tassle-tied, drawstring waist. I am ALL about a classic peasant piece that can be used as the perfect “throw on” dress, as I like to call it. The bohemian style was right up my alley for casual, easy attire. One thing I wish was a bit different was the weight of the fabric- it felt a bit heavy to wear, as if the fabric was too thick/ there was too much fabric in general. In regards to my personal taste, I do have a bit of an edgier style than most of their pieces convey, but I think the range of products they provide hits a large, common audience from which everyone can find something that meshes with their vibe.

All in all, eShakti is making moves to break down barriers in the fashion industry and that is what I love about them. Whether you want to order the piece to match your various specific measurements, or whether you order it in a generic size, this site is giving customers the option to customize the garments to fit their real, beautiful shapes and sizes.

Fashion Blogger Review

Fashion Blogger Product Review

Lifestyle Blogger Product Review

Peasant Dress

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Dress: eShakti (obvi)

Sandals: Annika Gladiator sandal (sold out), but more cute Crown Vintage shoes here

Choker: Urban Outfitters

Nails: OPI Bubble Bath and Lincoln Park After Dark

Photo Credit: Michael D’Arrigo, follow him


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