Birthday Bliss

Forever 21 wine dress, gray Nordstrom hat, brown Steve Madden heels

Birthdays naturally bring heaps of emotions- happiness, fear, gratitude, excitement, anxiety, love, embarrassment (anyone else hate when the servers sing to you at dinner?? ugh). They have also gradually become a designated day of the year where I sort of check in with myself and do some major self-reflection. Since today marks the beginning of my birthday week (woohoo email me for present requests! jk), I have already found myself naturally pondering…

How far have I come in the past year? Am I succeeding? Am I in the right career? Have I achieved the goals I set on my last birthday? Do I surround myself with the right people?

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Quote of the Week

make things happen

I love this quote because it is a reminder to never settle or become complacent. Acknowledge your accomplishments, but stay humble and look at them as motivators for what you can do in your life. You cannot count on anyone else for your own success.. Work hard and things will happen!

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