How To Get Your Beauty Sleep: 8 Overnight Beauty Tricks

If you’re anything like me, you love multitasking as much as possible. Why not make the most out of your sleep by using the time to recharge and beautify?? I put together a list of overnight products that will actually make you wake up prettier, so this time you really won’t need a filter for your #wokeuplikethis snap. Here are my secrets spilled for your best beauty sleep.

beauty sleep tips

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Spring 2016 Nail Color Must-Haves

Nails are God-given accessories and I believe every woman should use them to their advantage. IMO, there is no excuse for no-polish nails, dull colors, and especially no excuse for chipped polish- come on ladies, you know better than to put off a fresh coat! Click for my top 5 Spring 2016 nail color necessities as we transition from the dark shades of winter to the vibrant hues of spring.

Dior Spring 2016 Nail Polish Colors

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