3 Reasons Why I’m Not Saying Goodbye to Velvet

I’m not sure anyone was happier to see velvet make a comeback than my inner tween. While some have said au revoir to the cozy trend, I’m staying loyal to velvet whether it’s through statement pieces, subtle details, or accessories.

1. Velvet can totally be worn year-round. It just depends on how you wear it! For fall and winter, deck yourself out in the comfy, drapey goodness of the fabric. During spring and summer, I like to incorporate velvet through smaller accents or embellishments, like in the black floral Leith corset dress below. (Sadly it’s currently sold out, but I found an adorable, floral Lulu’s dress with velvet appliques for you guys that does the trick!)

2. You can mix it up with crushed vs. smooth. Crushed velvet gives it a chunkier, more fun look, while smooth velvet looks a bit more sophisticated. This Romeo and Juliet Couture maxi is on major sale at Nordstrom Rack right now! ($36.97). My burnt orange velvet midi dress is sold out, but I found the next best thing on Lulu’s right here.

3. Velvet adds a level of luxe to any outfit. I snagged this dress right off the rack at Nordstrom because I loved the contrast of the flowy, feminine chiffon and the bolder velvet trim. It amped up the dress for me, and paired perfectly with a thin suede and velvet choker from my fashion line, Everything But Brunch!

Do you love or hate the velvet trend? Let me know in a comment below!

Orange and black floral dress photos by Bobby Prom.

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