eShakti & RAMPAIGE Collaboration


eShakti Product Review

I want to start this post off by telling you guys why I actually collaborated with eShakti for a product review- yes, they have a huge range of some adorable pieces, but I was truly drawn to the company because of the message and morals they represent. Their “About Us” section on their site states:

“It is not enough that clothes look good on the mannequin. They need to look good on you. You need them to be to your size and have the neckline, sleeve or length that work for you. That is our philosophy. So we give you those options and also make them to your height. At, you can of course also buy clothes as shown, and in standard sizes 0-36W, or you can have them to your specific customised size with your choice of neckline, sleeve or length. Your choice. Whether standard or custom it is easy to order.

Think of it as liberation from the size-tag. It is about empowerment. (Shakti in Sanskrit means ‘power’.)”

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Nobody Puts Faux Fur In The Corner

Faux Fur Blogger Style

So last week was the roomie’s birthday, and we hit the town to celebrate. With us both being professional dancers, it wasn’t even a question of what to do (Dirty Dancing had just opened at Pantages). The real question was what we were going to wear…

Thought about it for .5 seconds and I knew the night called for my John & Jenn faux fur coat. Katie picked herself up an adorable bandeau/ midi-pleated skirt two-piecer, and we were on our way!

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