Cuff Love

HIII! I know it has been a while since my last post…. too long of a while! My modeling career has been crazy the past few months, and I am excited to finally get the chance to sit down and post. What better way to pick it back up than to share my sickest jewelry obsession with all of you fashion killas!

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Stop Wafflin’ Around!

Bored of doing the typical “breakfast in bed” surprise for your beau? Mix it up by doing something like this waffle bar I made for my handsome man to kick off our 2 year anni celebration. Handmade signs and specialized toppings will make it seem like an extra yummy treat that he can still make exactly how he likes!


Single and ready to mingle? You can make this waffle bar for more than two- invite a bunch of friends over and fancy it up even more by pairing it with a mimosa bar!

waffle bar

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Top 5 Women’s Fitness Myths- BUSTED!

Work out smarter after reading the truth about these fitness myths!

MYTH: You won’t get as good of a workout on an empty stomach. 

FACT: While water is a necessity before a workout, a meal is not. The British Journal of Nutrition found that your body burns more fat on an empty stomach.

MYTH: Exercise machines are better than free weights. 

FACT: While machines are indeed beneficial, they make it difficult for the maximum amount of muscles to be used. Machines isolate specific muscle groups, while free weights burn more calories because no muscle movement is restricted.

MYTH: Running on a treadmill is the same as running outside. 

FACT: Running outside adds extra force such as wind or rugged terrain, which in turn forces your body to exert more energy. Studies have found that running outside can burn up to 10% more calories than running on a treadmill.

MYTH: Sweating is a sign that you are out of shape. 

FACT: It is actually the opposite! The more fit you are, the sooner you begin to sweat. The more you workout, the more your body learns to sweat, according to Beth Stover, M.S., C.S.C.S., a senior scientist at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

MYTH: Crunches are the best moves for your core.

FACT: Crunches are helpful, but you’ll see quicker results with exercises that tap into several regions of your core at once. Opt for V-ups, bicycles, or flutter kicks to kick it up a notch!


*Studies found in Women’s Health Magazine

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