Dandelion Greens are the New Black

While the visible beauty may lie in the white-yellow, breezy flower puff, the benefits lie in the leaves of a dandelion. Packed with prebiotics (no, that’s not a typo- we just only ever hear about probiotics for some reason), these greens aid in digestion, reduce bloating, provide a source of antioxidants and vitamins, and are the newest ingredient in my green detox smoothies. Read on to get the full lowdown on the superfood of the moment, and find out how to incorporate it into your diet, thanks to research published by mindbodygreen and Dr. Lisa Davis of Pressed Juicery’s Medical Board.

Dandelion Greens

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No-Bake Banana Energy Bites

Looking for the perfect grab n’ go snack? Yep, me too! That’s how I came up with these babies. Keeping in mind the digestion benefits of bananas explained a few posts back in my go-to green smoothie recipe, these bites are also jam-packed with oats’ dietary fiber and blood sugar stabilization benefits. I am SO obsessed with this recipe- so sweet, tasty, quick, and EASY to make. Check out the recipe below for my No-Bake Banana Energy Bites!

No bake banana energy bites

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