“Why Do You Blog Anyway?”

Guess jeans, forever 21 boots, Nordstrom scarf

I get it- blogs can seem selfish. They can seem egotistical, even. I actually thought they were obnoxious until I created my own. Before starting my own, I was skeptical of reading blogs (besides Lauren Conrad’s because, well, she’s Lauren Conrad). I would think to myself “Ok, why should I trust what this blogger is saying when I don’t even know anything about her besides that she has 70k Instagram followers? That’s shallow and stupid.”

I get what you may think when us bloggers post about our beauty tips, trend reports, and fitness regimens. So, I wanted to write this post and explain why I personally blog. I do not speak for any blogger but myself, so keep in mind these are my personal joys that blogging brings me and I think you may be surprised! Here is why I love blogging:

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Birthday Bliss

Forever 21 wine dress, gray Nordstrom hat, brown Steve Madden heels

Birthdays naturally bring heaps of emotions- happiness, fear, gratitude, excitement, anxiety, love, embarrassment (anyone else hate when the servers sing to you at dinner?? ugh). They have also gradually become a designated day of the year where I sort of check in with myself and do some major self-reflection. Since today marks the beginning of my birthday week (woohoo email me for present requests! jk), I have already found myself naturally pondering…

How far have I come in the past year? Am I succeeding? Am I in the right career? Have I achieved the goals I set on my last birthday? Do I surround myself with the right people?

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